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Embedded Hardware Services in Pune, India/Embedded Hardware Design and Development Services in Pune, India

Embedded Hardware Services in Pune, India/Embedded Hardware Design and Development Services in Pune, India | SNS Technosys LLP

We SNS Technosys provide Embedded Hardware Services in Pune, India. Embedded Hardware Design and Development Services in Pune, India.

Embedded hardware is the backbone of any embedded system. SNS Technosys, a renowned embedded hardware service provider in Pune, India, is dedicated to pushing innovation via cutting-edge technology. Our expertise in developing embedded hardware services that power a diverse range of applications positions us as your reliable partner in providing embedded technology that defines the future.

The Basics of Embedded Hardware: Embedded hardware, sometimes hidden behind the scenes, is at the heart of countless products and systems on which we rely every day. Embedded hardware is a critical component that allows flawless communication and operation in anything from smart appliances and medical equipment to automobile control units and industrial machines.

Tailored Embedded Hardware Solutions: At SNS Technosys, we recognise that every project is different and requires embedded hardware services that can be modified to satisfy individual needs. Our expert engineers and team work closely with customers to fully understand their requirements. We design and create embedded hardware that perfectly matches your standards, whether it's for industrial automation, IoT devices, consumer electronics, or any other area.

Cutting-Edge Embedded Hardware Technology: We employ advanced embedded hardware technology to highlight our dedication to innovation. We make use of cutting-edge microcontrollers, microprocessors, sensors, networking modules, and other components. This technology enables us to design embedded hardware services that are not only extremely efficient but also flexible to the digital age's ever-changing demands.

Our Embedded Hardware Service Methodology

As a leading embedded hardware service provider, our embedded hardware service method combines creativity, experience, and precision: We follow set processes with every stage of embedded hardware development to ensure all the quality criteria mets.

Conceptualization and Design: We work closely with customers to understand their project objectives and to conceptualise embedded hardware services that match their unique requirements.

Development and Prototyping: Our engineers turn ideas/requirement into reality by creating prototypes of each hardware module to ensure functionality are met and designing the core of embedded technology.

Testing and Quality Control: Thorough testing and quality control guarantee that the embedded hardware performs properly and meets performance and reliability criteria. Team follow hardware development processes and focus on FTR approach. Ensure that compliance requirement are tested as per defined quality norms

Deployment and Support: We assist with the deployment of embedded hardware and provide continuing support to ensure continuous operation.

Comprehensive Service Excellence: SNS Technosys' dedication to comprehensive service excellence extends beyond the embedded hardware design & development services.

Technical Consultation: Our team of professionals offers useful technical advice to customers in order to help them choose the best-embedded services for their applications.

Timely Delivery: We recognise the importance of project timeframes and strive to deliver on time without sacrificing quality.

Competitive Pricing: Our commitment to value is evident in competitive pricing, making us the industry's preferred option.

Client Satisfaction: Our approach is defined by open communication, great craftsmanship, and customer-centric service.

SNS Technosys, a renowned embedded hardware service provider in Pune, India, is a sign of innovation, dependability, and technical growth. Our dedication to quality, cutting-edge technology, and customised solutions distinguishes us as an invaluable partner in advancing technological innovation across sectors. Our embedded hardware solutions, whether for smart homes, industrial automation, healthcare, or automotive systems, demonstrate our constant commitment to perfection. Trust us with your embedded hardware requirements and witness the transformational power of cutting-edge systems that define the future. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you succeed by providing embedded hardware that redefines connection, efficiency, and functionality in the digital era.

Hardware Engineering

We, at SNS, have comprehensive experience in developing customized board level hardware solutions in accordance with specified characteristics. Our team of engineers at SNS has extensive expertise in low to high complexity, high-speed hardware system and board designs. SNS team is well versed with the requirements of EMI/EMC, safety, DFM/ DFT / DFA and ensures the success of the product when it goes in the “real world” environment. With our close association with semiconductor chipset and component vendors, we select the right components yet cost-effective solutions for our customers. We also have our EMS partners to speed up your proto and production board requirements.

Embedded Board Design

SNS diverse domain expertise in hardware pool offer Board Design Services based on latest 32-bit ARM based processor, DSP to 16 bit 8 bit MCU and ready to take up any hardware development challenges. SNS Emphasis on use of hardware design process and proven design reusability to meet quality and product cost.

Board Design Offering

  • Circuit Simulation-Spice
  • Schematic Capture
  • Component Selection
  • BOM Finalisation
  • PCB layout
  • Prototype Build
  • Board bring up testing
  • Design documentation


PCB Layout

PCB layout team at SNS is capable of doing low, high speed multilayer PCB layouts design including high-density PCB and flex PCB layout . Our emphasis of first time right design “eliminates the need for multiple iterations in most cases which sustantially reduce project cost.

SNS team is avilable for end to end PCB layout service design services for working in collaboration with client team.

PCB Layout Offering

  • Pre-layout simulation
  • PCB layout
  • Netlist validation
  • Post layout simulation
  • PCB modeling
  • Garber files

PCBA Prototyping

SNS has long-standing relationship with reputed PCB fabrication and assembly houses as well as component vendors. This enables us to support the customers for quick prototyping manufacturing requirements.