The wireless data logger transfers the conventional wired analog sensor data to the cloud based server via GPRS over MQTT, HTTP or TCP-IP. The IIOT data logger offers device provisioning and network security features. The device has 4-20 mA analog inputs to monitor and record temperature, pressure, flow and vibration parameters and RTD (PT100) ports to monitor and record temperature parameter and send data to a centralized server system or cloud for further analysis/processing.

DSmart 200 - Industrial Wireless Data Logger

Main Features

  • Plug-n-play installation.
  • Two analog 4-20 mA port -Measure temperature, pressure, flow, level, Vibration, speed, distance and more…
    * Refer below model selection table for details
  • Sensor configuration option
  • Two RTD (PT100) port – Measure temperature, range from -25 Deg C to 400 Deg C
    * Refer below model selection table for details
  • One digital Output
    * Refer below model selection table for details
  • Graphical 128*64 LCD for real time data monitoring
  • Industrial class GSM /GPRS 2G/3G/4G module for wireless data transfer to server
  • Support TCP-IP, HTTP and MQTT protocols
  • SMTP mail on fault/warning
  • User settable data logging interval (10 secs to 240 min)
  • Threshold setting – Warning/Fault alert
  • 16GB SD card for data storage
  • Data logging in .csv format
  • LED indication for communication and Power ON
  • Operates on 12-24VDC industrial supply

Model Selection Table

DSmart 201 4-20mA Channel 2
DSmart 202 RTD (PT100) Channel 2
DSmart 203 4-20mA Channel 2
RTD (PT100) Channel 2
Digital Output (DO) 1

Further customization can be done as per requirement subject to volume.

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