Vision System

SNS provide various inspection and quality control automated solutions using camera vision and software.

Our vision system solutions cover a wide range of application areas, that includes part precision surface inspection solution, presence of a part (such as screw, washer, bearing) etc assembly / sub-assembly.

Our machine vision systems include leading-edge technology and high-performance image processing to solve a wide variety of automated inspection, identification and quality control defects.

Pattern Recognition & Pattern Matching

By using SNS pattern matching algoritham use of "Master golden Image" as digital signature and per pattern verification and validation in real time to meet the desired speed.



Measuring & Metrology

Vision based measuring used to confirm the dimensional accuracy of components parts etc automatically, without manual intervention from simple geometrical tolerance to micron- level detection, we provide vision solutions with robust and repeatable result.

Conveyor Based Inspection Solutions

SNS provide camera vision based systems for precision checking the dimension and surface of all types of customized precion parts. The solution includes camera, lighting, mechanical fixture, conveyer, pass/fail mechanism, HMI and safety protections