Industrial IOT Solution

Industrial IoT(IIoT) solutions are driving digital transformation in the OEM businesses. The solutions are being utilize to support operations like productivity monitoring, equipment monitoring and maintenance, real-time processing, predictive maintenance and analyzing sensor-generated data.

SNS TECHNOSYS being a proven industrial IoT solutions provider offers, cost-effective, flexible, ready-to-use edge device DSmart 300/500, IoT Cloud platform SNSConnect and App platform SNS IIOT BLE for delivering industrial IoT 4.0 solutions with faster time to market.

SNS also offer customizable Industrial IOT end to end solution to meet our customer centric need.

Key benefits of industrial IoT solutions for your business

Smart Factory

Accurately monitor your plant/factory production and environmental conditions to ensure everything is healthy and running as desired.



Heavy Equipment Monitoring

Our services help to monitor and analysis heavy equipment usage and operation can be monitored and maintenance planned in the most efficient way possible. The use of industrial IoT solutions with equipment management also means that spare part inventories can be held and used in a more efficient way.

Predictive Maintenance

Various industries can minimize downtime and increase throughput by integrating IoT predictive maintenance with their maintenance strategies.

  • Remote monitoring of equipment performance via sensors.
  • Analysis of real-time equipment data (e.g., uptime/downtime, speed, temperature) and identification of abnormal patterns.
  • Predicting breakdowns and expected time to failure due to corrosion, overheating, load misalignment, and other factors.

Industrial IOT Software "SNSConnect"

Cloud based data driven flexible, secure industrial IOT software platform for today’ industries