Product Development


We are the leading service provider of Embedded End to End Product Development in Pune Maharashtra India. We share your vision to give you a comprehensive product. Our Engineers along with you, detail your high-level specification into realizable product requirements and our domain specialized hardware, software engineers collaborate at each stage of the product development and deliver a high-quality product.

  • Product ideation and conceptualization
  • Prototyping
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Beta Testing & Go-to-market

SNS TECHNOSYS worked on projects that include conceptualization, requirement engineering, system architecture design, hardware/firmware design and development, verification, validation and support engineering. SNS invests in its team so that it stays aligned with the latest technological developments, constantly honing our skills and knowledge with R&D and training.


Project Ideation

Technical Feasibility

SOW/Proposal Finalisation


  • Engagement model selection
  • Finalization of pm methodology

Hardware Design

Architecture/Block Diagram

  • Critical component selection
  • Schematic capture
  • PCB layout Design and Garber generation
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Final assembly
  • Board bring-up and testing

Industrial Design

  • 3D Model development
  • Enclosure prototyping
  • Evaluate and debug
  • 3D Model development for mass manufacturing

Software Design

  • High-level architecture
  • Processor and peripherals selection
  • Programing approach finalization
  • System software development
  • Firmware development
  • Application development
  • Code optimization
  • Testing

Integration Testing


Sustainance Support

  • Knowledge transfer
  • IP transfer
  • Maintenance support
  • Support for mass production