How SNS Serve


We at SNS TECHNOSYS understand the ubiquity and inevitability of embedded systems. With diverse knowledge pools we cater to all industries with solutions covering anything and everything from “Chip to Cloud”. We are supporting our clients for new product development, hardware development, component engineering, re-engineering and software development to make their dream in reality. Our statistics partnerships are based on one of the following working models, however, if you are looking for a different model we can tailor the model to fulfill your need.

Project Based

  • Fixed Price hardware development project
  • Applicable when project scope and requirement are clear and well documented
  • Small projects with limited project scope
  • Milestone based invoicing


T&M – Time and Material

  • Typically applicable when project scope is not fully known
  • Short term engagement
  • Scope ownership is on client
  • Fixed or hourly rate
  • Monthly invoicing as per resource usage.

Resource Engagement

  • Skilled resource based long term engagement
  • Suitable for team size more than 5
  • Client’s direct control on team
  • Skill based resource rate or Hourly resouce rate
  • Monthly Invoicing